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Marinated Char grilled chicken, vegetable zoodles and pomegranate
As summer approaches there is an abundance of seasonal fresh produce. So what better way to soak up the suns vitamin D and get back in shape than a fresh chicken salad with a twist. This salad has less than 300 calories per portion and is perfect for alfresco dining.  If you’re a keen forager a lot of the ingredients can be found growing naturally throughout Cornwall, however shop bought substitutes are listed.

Ingredients (Feeds 4)
• 4 Chicken Breasts.
• 1 Carrot.
• 1 Courgette
• ½ Cucumber
• Handful Rocket (Young Dandelion Leaves)
• ½ Pomegranate
• 2 Cloves of Garlic (Ramsons/Wild Garlic)
• Sprig of Thyme.
• 12-16 Cherry Tomatoes
• ½ Red Pepper
• 1 Lemon
• 1 ½ Tbsp. Cold Press Rapeseed Oil or Olive Oil
• Salt and Pepper (Green Alexander Seeds)
• Edible Flowers to Decorate

The marinade: Finely chop the garlic (Ramsons) and thyme, now mix in the rapeseed oil, the juice of half a lemon and season with salt and pepper.  Place the chicken in an airtight container with the mixture and shake well, refrigerate for at least half an hour. The longer the chicken is left in the marinade the more the flavour will penetrate the meat, to achieve full flavour I recommend leaving the meat overnight but not any longer than a day.

Cooking the meat: If you’re cooking the chicken on the BBQ try throw in a couple of smoking chips to give the chicken a nice smokey flavour, placing a whole black cardamom seed in the pan when frying will have the same effect.
BBQ: Make sure the coals are not too hot, if you can hold your hand about a ruler length (14 inches) away from the coals for ten seconds then the BBQ is the perfect cooking temperature. Cook the chicken until it is thoroughly cooked while basting with the left over marinade, this will normally take 10-15 min per side depending on the thickness of the chicken and the temperature of the BBQ.
Pan Fry: Add a small amount of rapeseed oil to a hot pan or griddle, brown the chicken in the pan then turn the heat down to medium. Cook the chicken for 10-12 min per side making sure it is cooked through before removing.

Preparing the salad: Slice the red Pepper into thin slices and cut the rest of the veg into spirals with a vegetable turner or into strips with a potato peeler. Combine all the salad ingredients, slice the chicken into nice slices and lay it on the side. Sprinkle over the
pomegranate seeds and edible flowers. Drizzle over lemon juice and teaspoon of rapeseed oil.

For more cooking ideas follow Kcalfoods Cornwall.

By Deb4food

I am a qualified chef with over 16 years experience in the food industry. My previous experience as a head chef has initiated my creativity and artistic flair, which can be seen in my innovative dishes. I volunteer as a Super Food Revolution ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in Devon and Cornwall, and a community chef for likeminded projects.

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