A walk down the free food isle:        Pennywort ceasar salad, crouton crumb, dandelion petals

A few years ago a friend and wild food teacher introduced me to wild edibles. As a chef this was a totally new experience, and very exciting as my creative mind worked overtime. The vast knowledge passed on has inspired me to incorporate at least 1 wild edible into my dishes every day. Not only because its sustainable, but also for its nutritional value. Here on the Rame Peninsula, Cornwall, we have so much on offer. I cannot walk past a hedgerow without having sample. Walking down the free food isle is magical, you’ll never get bored as it’s totally seasonal. The flavours are intense, including the bitters we don’t often eat, and the beautiful colours from the edible flowers make you appreciate nature even more. Some plants are for eating, some used as medicine, and some you just avoid completely. As a chef a connection with nature is vital! Picking, feeling, smelling and tasting is all part of that incredible dish your visualising. So my inspiration for you today is to encourage you to get back to nature, you won’t regret it. #earthday #chef #deb4food #cornwall 

By Deb4food

I am a qualified chef with over 16 years experience in the food industry. My previous experience as a head chef has initiated my creativity and artistic flair, which can be seen in my innovative dishes. I volunteer as a Super Food Revolution ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in Devon and Cornwall, and a community chef for likeminded projects.

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